This is the cover art of Bye Bye Blues. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor, Artificial Eye (UK) Circle Films (USA), the publisher of the video or the studio which produced the video.
Bye Bye Blues - Les Paul & Mary Ford: Sheet Music | Axtell Music

Bye Bye Blues - Les Paul & Mary Ford

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ARRANGEMENT: Piano/Voice/Guitar  

FORMAT: Digital Sheet Music

FILM: Bye Bye Blues

ALBUM: Bye Bye Blues Soundtrack  

Product Details

ARTIST: Les Paul and Mary Ford

CONTRIBUTOR(S): Bennett, Dave; Ford, Mary; Gray, Chauncey; Hamm, Fred; Lown, Bert; Paul, Les

PUBLISHER: Francis Day & Hunter Ltd

GENRE: Archive, Film, Blues

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced

PAGES: 2                                                                                            


Bye Bye Blues - Les Paul & Mary Ford


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