Inspired To Uplift: Videos

Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander's inspiring musical talk about the role of the Conductor and how we can inspire others.


Usman Riaz 

21 Year Old Usman Riaz grew up playing classical piano since the age of 6. Picking up guitar at 16 Usman taught himself how to play percussive guitar. Along with these 2 primary instruments he experiments with a number of other ones such as Harmonica, Mandolin, Harmonium and percussion. His recent at TED performances and talks at TED Global 2012 and his selection for the US State department funded cultural/music exchange program OneBeat have proven to him that the internet can be used as a reliable platform to learn new things and open up pathways that seemed impossible before.


Victor Wooten 

Five-time Grammy award winner, Victor Wooten explains how we view an Octave in the same way we can view life.

Sahara Beck

Award-winning singer songwriter, Sahara Beck, delivers insights into the challenges of becoming a professional musician, and making your dreams work.


Mark Applebaum

Mark Applebaum talks about an important question he ask himself when he is making music. 


Derick Sebastian

Derick Sebastian speaks about how his late father figure and mentor, Sam Ellis III helped ACTIVATE Derick's purpose through the Ukulele. He performs one song dedicated to Mr. Ellis. 



Great Advice from Musicians for Musicians



Sold Out