This is the cover art for Talkin' 'bout a Revolution by the artist Tracy Chapman. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Elektra Records, or the graphic artist(s).  Talkin' About a Revolution - Tracy Chapman: Piano/Voice/Guitar Sheet Music | Axtell Music
Talkin' About a Revolution by Tracy Chapman Sheet Music for Piano/Voice/Guitar.

Talkin' 'bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman

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ARRANGEMENT: Piano/Voice/Guitar 

FORMAT: Digital Sheet Music

ALBUM:Tracy Chapman

CONTENT CREATOR: Faber Music Limited

Product Details

ARTIST: Tracy Chapman

CONTRIBUTOR(S): Chapman, Tracy

PUBLISHER: EMI Songs Ltd, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd

GENRE: Alternative Country,  Contemporary folk, folk rock, country folk

 DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy Piano, Intermediate

PAGES: 8                                                                                         


Talkin' About a Revolution - Tracy Chapman


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